• iAudition 3 Completely redesigned from the ground up for iOS 8

  • Record. Edit. Send. Record Your Audition. Edit It. Send.

  • Familiar Editing Use a familiar waveform editor to make quick edits before sending

  • Share more Easily Share your recordings by e-mail, SoundCloud, DropBox & More


Record auditions from anywhere using your iPhone's built-in microphone or even a USB microphone.


Edit out bad takes until you are ready to send out the perfect audition for that next gig.


Send recordings by e-mail, to an FTP site, to your DropBox account or even SoundCloud.

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Editing Audio in iAudition

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iAudition is back ready for iOS 8 and the new iPhone!

Voiceover artists…your app is finally here!

Never a miss another voiceover audition with iAudition 3 – completely redesigned from the ground up for iOS 8 compatibility. You can record, edit and send your auditions from wherever you are, without the need for a recording studio or computer. And the best part? Your sent audio files arrive as MP3s!

iAudition is not only the perfect app for voiceover artists, but also a great solution for journalists, students, and anyone else looking for a great iOS recording app. No matter where you are, you can take out your device and record high quality audio, make quick edits using familiar functions and send them to anyone via email or even share the recordings with other iOS apps. Emailed auditions arrive as MP3 files and can be instantly played on virtually any computer, mobile device or tablet.

Completely Redesigned for iOS 8
- iAudition 3 is simple, its clean, and it’s the quickest way for you to launch, record and share. Simply hit record, listen back, record more and send!
- iAudition 3 supports external microphones, so, use that AT2020 or Mikey!
- Start a recording now, add more to it later, keep it on file to send whenever!
- Need a breather? Pause your recording and resume when you're ready
- Record multiple takes, then edit out what you don’t need, selecting audio is easier than ever before
- One take wonder? No problem; just hit Send after recording and off it goes.
- Not in the Voiceover industry? iAudition is also a full featured audio recorder usable by anyone looking for simple controls and excellent audio quality…not to mention the ability to have your audio files received as MP3’s!

No more fussing trying to figure out how to edit
- Simply highlight, cut, copy or paste…like you would with any recording and editing software
- Save your edited auditions as a new file or overwrite your old file
- Undo edits just like you would on your computer

Other great features:
- Using iOS 8 sharing, you can open up a recording in other iOS apps like iMovie or Garage Band
- iAudition uses the native iOS mail app, so send auditions just like any other email to anyone in your contacts
- Customize your message-just like any other email-prior to sending
- Cut, Copy, Paste, Redo, Undo in Edit mode for convenient editing
- Pinch to zoom and swipe to scroll in Edit mode to easily navigate your recording
- Make precise edits with the selection bar
- Highlight portions of your audio as needed


iAudition 3 brings everything I need to auditions on-the-go

James Rivers - Voiceover Artist

This is the best upgrade, ever!

Melissa Jeffries - Voice Talent

Finally - Made for iOS 8 - Everything is so fast!

Jessica Binsmith - Talent Agent

Editing is so much easier on iAudition 3

Michael Jacobs